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Wednesday 27th January


Welcome to Wednesday! We are delighted with the learning that we are seeing. 

Keep up the fantastic effort.



Here is your suggested timetable for the day



  • Today we are moving on to another area of maths. This time we are going to be looking at statistics
  • Watch the video clip called Tally Charts on the website.
  • Have a go at the ‘completing and interpreting tally chart’ challenges
  • Try playing, ‘Tally Chart’ online.
  • Watch this short clip on Tally charts. BBC Bitesize



9:45 – 10

  • Head over to Tapestry for today’s challenges. Why not check out this great resourceSpellingFrame


10 - 10:40

  • Grab a healthy snack and get outside for some fresh air for a run around, a kick around or a bit of fresh air.

Class Zoom

10:40 – 11:10

  • Come and join us for a catch up, online lesson or to ask any questions you might have.


11:10 – 11:45

  • We are learning to turn our descriptions from yesterday, into riddle.
  • Children to then write their own riddle based on a Van Gogh painting.


11:45 - 12

  • Today we are learning to improve our writing  by adding adjectives to noun phrases.


12 - 1

  • Enjoy some lunch and get outside for fresh air.


1 – 1:30

  • Read Katie and the Sunflowers (or listen as Mrs. Atkins reads the story) up to page to 9.
  • Check out today’s challenge questions.


1.30 - 3

  • Today we are taking the designs we did yesterday, and are making the background for our diorama.
  • Head to tapestry to watch a video of the Starry Night painting being turned into a diorama




Make Tally Charts activity