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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning Year 6!

Some advance notice here! On Monday, we are doing something slightly… unusual in our English lesson. In preparation, please could you collect as many cardboard boxes, tubes, cones, spheres…any kind of ‘junk / recycling’ you can find. Yes, we will be building something. You may need paint – but don’t worry if you don’t have any – we are all running short of things due to lock-down. Gather what you can, and all will be revealed on Monday morning…


Word of the Day aggravate


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!  
- What is its word class? (Is it a noun, verb, adjective?)  

- How many syllables does it have (clap each syllable to help you)?

- Can you find any synonyms or antonyms?

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence? 

Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  

 Finally, try to find the root of the word!


Can you perform a crab?  Have a go.  Once you're in position, get someone to balance something light (like a teddy bear) on your stomach.  Can you balance it there?  Can you move around like this without dropping it?  For a real challenge, if you've got the space, try racing someone like this.

Independent Reading

Maybe have another dip into Audible to see which books are free to download? There is a good range on there and it is very relaxing having someone read to you!



Crime, Punishment and Torture

Today it is ‘True or False’, ‘Multiple Choice’ and ‘Sequencing’! Remember, there is a little more there as we have a short week. Do what you can, don’t worry if you don’t make it to the end.


Good morning year 6. Well, I am pleased to say that apparently maths jokes rule and that Mrs O'Brien needs to try better when it comes to jokes. wink  You cracked angles in polygons yesterday although there was some confusion over some of the answers on the White Rose sheet. I have checked it and double checked it and got the entire Kempe household on the case. We agree with the sheet BUT you are brilliant that you questioned something you didn't agree with. That's what maths is all about. So, onto today. It's problem solving. Thankfully we are looking at maths problems rather than problems facing the world right now. Those ones we really don't have the answer for.


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

If you didn’t manage to finish yesterday’s activity, then do that now.

Finished? Revise your Year 5 / 6 spellings again. Ask someone to test you. Make sure you know the meaning of the words too!



The Arrival

Apologies ... getting a week ahead of ourselves!

Try this version.



Back to Science today and some more learning about light.

Philosophical Question of the Day

Is everything connected?