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Wednesday 8th July

Our suggestion for your day:  

 Discuss word of the week before starting your school day. Can you use the word through out the week?


0900-0930 - Reading  

Listen to the story of the week. Once you have watched the video, choose a reading learning choice from the grid provided (Term 6 homepage). 


0930-1000- Maths Challenge  

Today you will learn to tell the time at half past the hour. Log in to Tapestry to see a video to learn more.


10:10-11.10 Snack Time and Learning Choice Time  

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc. with a glass of milk or water. Make your own learning choice, there are ideas on the grid on our main learning page.  


1115-1200 – Phonics

Click on your phonics group learning below to find out today's activity. 


1200-1300 - Lunch 


1300- 1330 – PE  

Choose an online work, play in the garden or go for a cycle, scoot, walk or run!  


1330 Enquiry Learning

This week you are going to develop your drawing skills. At school, we are learning to be reflective and resilient. You may not find drawing easy and your first attempt might not look how you want it to look. We call the first attempt the first draft. You can re draft your work lots of times by making changes each time to make it better! 

  1. Watch a drawing video or look at the instructions 

  2. Draw step by step following the video or instructions 

  3. Look at your drawing (reflect on it) Say one thing that is really good about the picture and one thing that you can improve. You can use the star and wish template if you want to write these down. 

  4. Repeat the steps of drawing the picture thinking about the “wish” you gave yourself. 

  5. Reflect again, did you improve it? What would be the next wish you give your drawing? 

  6. Repeat the process again and again until you are really happy with your drawing. You will have at least 3 drawings now (or maybe more!). Can you see how you have improved each time? 


Draw So Cute 

Art for Kids Hub 

Alternatively, there are some different step by step drawing pictures to learn from.