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Activity 1

What will you try today?  


There are two activities to choose from here or if you would prefer you can take a look at the other ideas pages and try an activity from there. 


1. Question, Challenge, Explore 


Make your own Question, Challenge, Explore sheet like the one in the example below. You can divide your paper however you like but you will need 3 sections. First find a natural object and place it in the Question section - check with an adult first. In the Challenge box draw the object exactly as you see it, try and replicate the detail as accurately as you can. In the Explore box you need to get creative. Turn your object into something else. Here is my example of a leaf becoming a leaf lady but I’m sure you will be far more creative!


2. Recreate a book character


Using natural materials or scraps of fabric or paper, recreate your favourite book character. Here’s our version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We used glossy green leaves, soft red petals and short woody stems.