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Activity 2

What will you try today?


There are two activities to choose from here or if you would prefer you can take a look at the other ideas pages and try an activity from there.


1. Make a nest


Collect some natural materials from the garden, recycle some packaging or use some spare craft materials. Can you create a suitable nest for a bird? Think about what type of bird will use it. Will it be strong and wide or small and cosy? Remember you must never disturb a real bird's nest. The adult birds will be flying to and from the nest, feeding their young or sitting on their eggs. If they are disturbed they may abandon their nest and young. Unfortunately, the eggs or chicks would be unlikely to survive. 




2. Create a weather diary


You won't be able to complete this activity all in one go but you can make a start today and continue over the next week.

Go into the garden or look out of the window. Is it cold, warm or hot? Maybe you need a coat or umbrella ? Is the sun shining or is it cloudy?

Think about how you will record the weather. Will you write a sentence or draw a picture. Maybe you can take a photograph or ask an adult if you can phone a relative you can't see face to face at the moment. Ask them what the weather is like where they are? Is it the same?

Maybe you could even have a go at weather presenting or make a rain catcher and measure the rainfall.