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Activity 3

What will you try today?



Make a nature frame


You will need to cut an outline out of a piece of paper - this is easier if you fold the piece of paper in half and draw half the shape. Ask for some help from an adult if needed. You will end up with two shapes - an outline and a cut out. In the examples, below I chose a butterfly but you can choose a different object or even a simple shape. When you have your frame you can use it to observe texture and pattern in the natural world. If you can, take a photo of the patterns you like or try and copy them. Don’t forget to use your cut out - you can decorate this however you like but for a challenge why not see if you can recreate one of the patterns from your frame on it?






Create a miniature world


First you will need to choose or create a character to make your world for - this could be a Lego figure, a small teddy or you could create your own using card or recycled packaging.

Next design their world - you will need to plan this on paper first.

Where will they live? Maybe you can use some resources from the garden to create a miniature stick or leaf den. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, think about how you can make your own leaves or sticks,

perhaps from recycled packaging or scraps of craft material? You could use Lego or other play building objects that you already have such as wooden blocks. Check with an adult first before you use anything.

Will your character have their own miniature garden with a pebble or petal path? Maybe they will live in a miniature village or town - will there be other buildings nearby? Other houses for friends and relatives? Shops? Maybe even a transport system - empty egg boxes make great trains!