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Activity 6

What will you try today?



Find a comfortable spot where you can watch the clouds. You will need to watch for about 2 minutes (longer if you like, some people use this as a way to relax - a form of meditation).

What shapes or pictures can you see in the clouds?

What colours can you see? Are they just white?

What textures are visible? Are all clouds fluffy?

Next you need to think about how you will represent what you have just observed. This is a chance for you to get creative.

Will you...

Paint a cloud picture?

Tell a cloud story?

Write a cloud poem?

Perform a cloud dance routine?

Research some cloud facts?

Learn the different cloud names and how to say them!


There is a link to a cloudspotting guide at the bottom of the page.


Word search


Have a go at the weather word search. You could have a go at drawing another set of picture cards to make a pairs game. Maybe challenge someone in your house to a game of snap.