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Week 7 - 13th July

Welcome to Week 7 of Term 6


1. Design and draw/make your own woodland creature

This can be an insect, a mammal, real or mythical... the choice is yours.

Think about...

  • What characteristics your creature will have - feathers, scales, an exoskeleton, a beak, a strong jaw, will it have legs...?
  • Its habitat - where does it live?
  • Does it live alone or in a group?
  • What colour is it?
  • What does it eat?
  • Is it nocturnal?

Will you draw your creature or make a model? Think about what you could use - playdough, card, recycle some packaging?


2. Word search

Have a go at this week’s minibeast word search. You could have a go at drawing another set of picture cards to make a pairs game. Maybe challenge someone in your house to a game of snap.