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Week starting Monday 11th May



Draw a picture for, or write a letter to someone in your family. This is the treasure so make sure you spend some time on it making it as detailed as possible. Carefully hide the treasure somewhere safe in your house or garden. Now you need to write or draw some clues, giving directions for someone in your family to follow to find the treasure. You probably need at least five clues to make the hunt enough of a challenge. Maybe you will include a map as well?



This week’s word search features minibeasts. There are two identical word searches in this pack. If you don’t want to find the words you could use the cards at the side to play a game of pairs instead. You can of course just do the word search twice! Maybe time yourself and see if you are quicker the second time.



If you can, find somewhere comfortable to sit outside. In Forest School this is called the Sit Spot. If you can’t be outside maybe you can be near a window where you can see or hear what’s going on outside. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Write down or draw all the things that you can hear in 2 minutes. Are there any sounds you don’t recognise? What sound occurs the most often? What is the most noticeable sound? Is there anything you can hear but not see? What sounds are from natural sources, what sounds are from man-made sources?



Use the spotter sheet below and see if you can find and draw the things listed. Don’t worry if isn’t possible to get out into the garden or for a walk at the moment. See if you can remember what we saw in Forest School.



Question, Challenge, Explore


Use the Question, Challenge, Explore sheet in the link above or create your own.


1. Find something natural in your home or garden - check with an adult first. The object goes in the Question box.

2. In the Challenge box draw the object exactly as you see it, try and replicate the detail as accurately as you can.

3.In the Explore box you need to get creative. Turn your object into something else.


Here is my example of a leaf becoming a leaf lady but I’m sure you will be far more creative!


As always it would be great to see what you come up with.

You can share on Tapestry (Years R and 1), via the School's Twitter feed or by emailing the school.

Don't forget to put Forest School in the subject line and please remember our online safety rules.