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Week starting Monday 18th May



Open the information sheets in the links below and learn about the two different types of tree. Have you seen either of these trees while you have been on a walk or in your local area? Maybe you have a different type of tree near you.


Can you write a fact sheet about it? Maybe draw a picture of it and label it.

What features does it have? Think about the tree facts we have learnt in Forest School.


What shape are its leaves? Is it deciduous? What colour is its bark? Maybe you can take a bark or leaf rubbing and add it to your fact sheet.




This week’s word search features weather. If you don’t want to find the words you could use the cards at the side to play a game of pairs instead. You can of course just do the word search twice! Maybe time yourself and see if you are quicker the second time.



Use the Question, Challenge, Explore sheet in the link below or draw your own. If you completed this challenge last week, you will need to find a different natural object for your Question box today - check with an adult first. In the Challenge box draw the object exactly as you see it, try and replicate the detail as accurately as you can. In the Explore box you need to get creative. Turn your object into something else. Here is my example of a leaf becoming a leaf lady but I’m sure you will be far more creative!







Recreate a book character


Using natural materials from the garden or scraps of fabric or paper, recreate your favourite book character. Here’s our version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It's made out of glossy leaves, red petals and small twigs.



As always it would be great to see what you come up with.

You can share on Tapestry (Years R and 1), via the School's Twitter feed or by emailing the school.

Don't forget to put Forest School in the subject line and please remember our online safety rules.



Design a wildlife superhero


Will your superhero be a human or an animal?

What will be its superpower?

Will it look after all wildlife or will it have a specific challenge?

What costume will it wear?

Draw a picture of your superhero and give it some detailed labels. Maybe you could even write a story about it?