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Year 2

This is our own page that will have all of your learning challenges to complete whilst you are at home. Each day you will have new challenges to do. Try to stick to our timetable that we have got used to so your day has some structure and normality!


You all have your lovely new home learning writing book and maths book so Miss Williams and Miss Wilson will set learning tasks that can be done in your books, practically at home or some on Mymaths.


Miss Wilson, Miss Williams, Mrs Turner and Mrs Hill


Please continue to work to the best of your ability at home; wowing your parents with everything that you have learned. Remember to use your fantastic cursive handwriting (not too big) as well as all the techniques we've talked about.

We look forward to hearing about everything you have done in our weekly phone calls this term. Don't forget to email work you are proud of so that it can go in our Year 2 gallery.

Our new enquiry to answer in Term 6 is...

Why would you want to be a pirate?

So we are going to be looking at lots of piratey things this term, making piratey things and maybe even acting a bit piratey!

Author of the term

Our author of the term is Jonny Duddle who is an author and illustrator. He writes lots of books about pirates so he is perfect to match our Term 6 enquiry. We will have a range of 'Author of the term' story reads for you to enjoy on our special Year 2 page (link below). 

Author of the Term

If you want to see more of Jonny Duddle's Gigantosaurus Disney Junior have made some fun adventures on YouTube

Mental Health and well being

This is a strange time! No one has ever experienced anything like this and we all have different emotions about it. We all miss being outside and going to school to see our friends but that is completely normal and okay to feel like that. Talk to your family if you are feeling sad or cross so they can help you. Worries will only grow if we don't share them with others.


We have found some stories that could help you in this odd time if you'd like to look at them.

We have a new enquiry this term:

Could the Great Fire of London have been prevented?

All of the writing and topic lessons will be linked to answer this question by the end of the term.


Author of the term

If we were at school, we would have an author of the term in our reading areas, to try and broaden the children's vocabulary, imagination and choice in stories. Year 2's author of the term is Alex T Smith. He is a very funny author and illustrator with the popular Claude series. After speaking to his publishing company, Arena Illustration, they have allowed me to share parts of the stories in private videos with our year group like we would at school. I will upload links for the different stories soon, hope you enjoy them.

All of our stories are now on the Year 2 Remote Learning Books & Audio page. The link is just above

Let's finish our Term 4 enquiry

Why did Henry VIII have six wives?

Useful websites to use at home


Twinkl has a free offer at the moment when you create an account. If you set up a new account at and type in UKTWINKLHELPS you can access it's ebooks and maths games.





PE and exercise



Handwriting repeater

Joe Wicks

9am every day PE sessions

Oxford Owl ebooks

Timetable Rockstars

SPaG games and activities


You can make own home account


Free trial for a month

BBC Bitesize


BBC Supermovers


Search for the ebooks



Cosmic Yoga

Phonics Play

Classroom Secrets

Create a parent access account


Disney shake ups

Authors reading their own stories

ICT Games



Myon ebooks


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