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Year 2's Gallery

Sewing Efforts

What a great running stitch Aarush!
Utilising your sewing skills Aarush. Fab!

Pirate Ships

Wow W is already sailing the Seven Seas!
Great job T, I love the sail - it looks amazing
Brilliant ship A. Your flag is terrifying!
E's super ship.
A and her colourful boat!
J did a great job with his cannons.
I made a super sail.
M and her ship with a very tall mast!

Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race

Jasmine's disgusting recipe! Yuck
Nathan's terrifying sea monster
Jasmine's brilliantly scary sea monster poem.
Hollie's spooky looking shape poem
R's scary sea monster accompanied by a fab poem
R's fantastic similes
Sam's ferocious looks sea monster
Scarlet's yucky cake recipe
J wrote a fantastic acrostic poem.
Very neat H, great job.
Super shape poem as well.
I love the spiky head!!

Pirate Race posters

Annabel's colourful poster
Jake's piratey poster
Anna's persuasive poster
Jernade's boaty poster
Erin has convinced me to race.
S's great poster for the great pirate race


Anna's letter from Jim-lad.
Erin's beautifully written letter.
Mary wrote some super sentences from Jimlad.
Imogen's letter to Matilda.
Jasmine's letter from Jim-Lad and Matilda.
Woody wrote a letter about where to go next!
Sam's fabulous letter from Matilda.
Elizabeth's letter from Jim-Lad
Aarush's persuasive letter
Aarush's lovely letter to Matilda
Louis' fantastic letter
Rosa's creative letter
Sam's super letter writing
Sam's great computer skills
Scarlet's authentic looking letter

The Dull-on-Sea Times

T did a great job.
Jake tried really hard with his handwriting.
Well done Hollie, you got the layout spot on!
Fantastic effort Annabel.
Great read from Aarush.
Great writing from Maddie.
Fantastic effort from Robbie
Exciting article from Sam

Pirate madness

J and H have been busy making a Lego ship.
What an amazing treasure map W.
J found some fab ships around Hastings.
Look at this lovely model she found too.

Persuasive leaflet for Dull-on-Sea

Jasmine's very colourful leaflet
Anna's convicning leaflet pt1
Sam's superb leaflet
Toby's brilliant persuasion
Annabel has convinced me!
Wow Hollie, beautiful illustrations to match.
Jake is very persuasive.
Elizabeth's colourful leaflet!
When can I go Molly?!
Looks great R!

What should we share on our online profile?

#fake news!

Jake's hilarious miracle
A thought of lots of fake news headlines
E had a crazy headline we hope isn't true!
Very professional Rosa!

The Enchanted Wood

Louis' amazing Moon-Face drawing and labelling
R's great Enchanted Wood train drawing
S has been loving the story so far!
H's description of Moon Face.
E drew the three bears they met in the story.
H's foam land at the top of her Faraway Tree.

Term 5

Could the Fire of London have been prevented?


How could the Fire of London have been prevented?

J's fantastic project
Erin made a song to show the ways.

E's Fire of London song

Still image for this video

Forest School

What an amazing and useful poster!
Jake created Leaf Man - an Eco Superhero


H with her fab fire rules poster.
J's is so clear. I know all the new rules now!
Sam's mix of Corona and fire safety messages!
L's great safety poster for the builders of 1666
Maddie's fantastic 1666 house insurance poster
Jake's super fire poster
Elizabeth's going to keep us all safe with this!
WOW! What an eye catching poster Aarush!
Great computer skills M.
Great safety poster Sam!

Fire of London houses

J concentrating on all the detail.
What a fantastic a result!
E is very proud of his finished house.
J with her house.
She even made a person with a bucket!
H and J with their houses. The fire is brilliant!
Sam's fab house, with characters inside too!
Love the beams on A's house.
Elise's traditional thatched house.
A whole street! Wow!
What a great house!
A beautifully made house
Olivia's burning building
E and her amazing Fire of London house.

Baking using grams

J weighing carefully
J and his delicious shortbread
H using her scales
That cake looks amazing!
S made lovely chocolate chip cookies
A making some lovely cookies
E making sure they are even sizes.
They even had balance scales
What a result, well done E!
S picked the hardest cake to make!
Making sure it is all mixed well
S and his sister with their amazing cake.
T's ambitious recipes.
Those cookies look delicious!
E making her funky shaped cakes!
That's some great decorating J!
Mmm.. lemon drizzle cake.
What perfectly baked biscuits!
A three layered cake... impressive!
S looking chuffed with his mixture.

Fire of London story

Jake's wonderful story pt 1
Jake part 2
Hollie's brilliant story! Look at home neat it is
E tried so hard with his handwriting and it is FA
Sam part 1
Sam part 2
Sam part 3
Sam part 4
Annabel part 1
Annabel part 2
Annabel part 3
Annabel part 4
Evan's super writing
E is very proud of her writing.
Elise's great editing.
Maddie's beautiful handwriting.
Molly's amazing story!
Sam's fab story!

If houses were a different material, how could they have prevented the Fire of London?


S went on a hunt around Tonbridge for Tudor style houses and buildings

Samuel Pepys' diary

J describing the fire and streets of London
H sharing her diary entry and a special coin
Molly's impressive diary writing
Scarlet's superb diary writing


Still image for this video
H proudly reading her diary entry

Earth Day Activities

E's Leaf Hunt
L's Butterfly Picture
M's Earth Day Collage
O's Earth Day Collage
E's Earth Day Collage and Creature Spotting
G's Earth Day Activities
J's homemade Earth Day top
A on her wildlife photography walk
S making commitments to turn off the lights
W's collage of the world. Amazing!
D was busy on Earth Day!

Great Fire of London Learning

Darcy's Great Fire of London Scene
Maddie's Great Fire of London Timeline
Erin's story map
Mia's Samuel Pepys Poster
Maddie's Samuel Pepys Acrostic Poem
Olivia's Samuel Pepys Poster
Sam's London Description
J's London description
Sam describing London from the top of St Paul's
M's Great Fire of London Timeline
G's Timeline and Samuel Pepys Mindmap
Jake made a Fire of London lantern
H made a super display with 1666 houses & vocab
Maddie's lovely work.
Molly's beautiful Samuel Pepys leaflet
Scarlet's informative topic work

Sam presented his Samuel Pepys information as a powerpoint. We love his use of images to match the facts he found.

Still image for this video

Nathan made a powerpoint about Samuel Pepys too, filled with facts.

Still image for this video

Extra Curricular Activities

J's Garden Den
R has been very busy!
J made a castle out of Lego
S had an Aladdin day in a cave of wonders!
T and his super spitfire drawing
And a super train too
S doing his writing with a friend!
Hollie's cat being very cheeky in her garden!
S had a Star Wars Day to replace his Disney trip.

Easter Learning

J's exciting egg hunt
We loved M's clues
S's Spring Acrostic
J's Easter poem
S and his super spring time poem
T's brilliant Tudor King rules