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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Online Classroom

We are sorry you can't be in class with us today, but know with the learning provided here, you'll be able to keep up with what we are doing until you can come back.  We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Learning at home

If this is your first day at home and you are well enough to be learning, try the challenges your teacher has set you.

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 21st February 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 7th February 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 31st January 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 24th January 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 13th December 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 6th December 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 29th November 2021

Videos to support the Maths learning for each day of the week commencing 4th October can be found on the link:


Monday's lesson:  Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number – crossing 10

Tuesday's lesson:  Subtract a 1-digit number from a 3-digit number – crossing 10

Wednesday's lesson: Add and subtract 3-digit and 2-digit numbers – not crossing 100

Thursday's lesson:  Add 3-digit and 2-digit numbers – crossing 100

Friday's lesson:  Subtract a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number – crossing 100


Daily Maths worksheets which apply the calculations and concepts in the videos are below.

English.  For the next week our writing is based on the story Mrs Wobble the Waitress which can be found on:


After listening to the story, please develop your own story plan.


Setting: Where is your story going to be set?  It will need to be an eating establishment. Pick your favourite. McDonald's, fish and chip shop, Chinese take away, ice cream van, etc.


Problem: What problem does the main character working at the establishment have? Wobbles, forgets orders, doesn't add up the bill correctly, talks too much, can't stop singing, etc.


Characters:  After deciding on the problem, you can name the character.  E.g. Mrs Wobbles wobbles, Miss Forgetful forgets, etc.  There should be 4 family members as characters.  Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss _________.


Dilemma: Due to the problem, the main character gets the sack.  What can she/he do?


Resolution: This is where the character and his/her family will need to recreate the eating establishment.  Buy a van and turn it into an ice cream van, turn your house into a pizza parlour, get a pizza oven for your back garden.  What things do the characters need to do to prepare?  Paint, get food, make menus, sew uniforms, etc.


How is the main character's problem going to be turned to an advantage? Customers go there to talk to the talkative waiter, the waitress attracts customers with her singing, a calculator is bought to add up amounts, etc.


Ending: Your story can end with everyone wanting to visit the new eating establishment and the family making a fortune.


Once you have planned your story over a day or 2, use the model and Mrs Wobbles the Waitress to write your own story.

Good luck!  We can't wait to read it!


The following spelling sheets focus on Year 3 orange words.  There is one to complete each day, in addition to the weekly spelling sheet which can be found on the Year 3 class page.

Art. This term the children are learning to use tone and shading to make 2D drawings/objects look 3D.


Have fun trying these:

3D shapes:

3D shapes with shading:

3D Rubik's cube:



If you're needing to isolate during the week beginning 23rd November, here is your learning.  We look forward to seeing you back at school as soon as your isolation period is up and seeing the learning you've been doing at home.

Summer 2020

Welcome to the Year 3  Remote Learning page!

It’s great that you are checking the school website for work and so important that you keep learning at home.

We will try where possible, to follow the learning that we would normally be doing and we shall do our utmost to ensure that the activities are as fun as they can be. 

Remember the Meta-cognition strategies? You'll need to use them! - look, think, read again, try, collect something to help you (Resourceful!), try again, work together with someone (Reciprocity!), try again (Resilient!)

Keep safe, be kind and have fun together.

Best wishes from Mrs Macdonald, Ms Hooper and Ms Dawson.