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                Mr Slowly does it at his fish and chip shop ðŸ‘ by Jack


One day Mr Slowly does it was serving his customers.Mr Slowly does it has a great fish and chip shop just next to the beach.It was the best fish and chip shop the town had ever had.He lives on top of the fish and chip shop.It was the perfect place to go on holiday with a family because it was next to the beach.It was a small and fun place to go to get some fish and chips.


Mr Slowly does it has a long moustache  that curled up when he spoke. He wears a black chef’s hat and an apron. Mr Slowly does it is kind and smiley and tells good jokes. He makes his customers laugh.


But there was a problem, the problem is that he takes too long to cook the fish and chips. If you ordered fish and chips it would take him 50 minutes to an hour to cook it!!!!!


One day Mr slowly does it was serving his customers when one of the customers ordered fish and chips for lunch.Mr slowly does it took too long to get it served  that the customer left and went to the beach to wait until he was done.When  

she got back the fish and chips that she ordered were in the bin.! Mr Slowly does it got told off for putting it in the the bin . 


The next day Mr Slowly does it was serving a family.They were really hungry but It took Mr slowly does it a long time to make it but he still did it for them🤔.They got so frustrated and annoyed that they left!!! Mr Slowly does it got told off again!


The next day Mr Slowly does it had a lot of customers all at once.They ordered 7 lots of fish and chips. Mr Slowly does it took 5 hours to make it. They  got so angry and frustrated that they had been waiting 5 hours and the manager said to Mr Slowly does it that he had got the sack!!!🤬🤬🤬😡. Mr Slowly does it felt sad and miserable as he had lost his job.


Mr Slowly does it thought that maybe he could go to another fish and chip shop to work but the same problem would just happen again and again. Then he thought he could open one of his own and people would not mind that he took so long because they could just play on the beach or in the sea. If they want to they can just wait for him to finish their order.


The next day Mr Slowly does it went down to the shop to get some wood to make it.He asked his friend for some help.His friend got some vegetables from the supermarket and in 7 days it was finished.🥳His friend helped him to cook and be the waiter.🤩🥳😃😂😅🤣😚😎


That evening Mr Slowly does it was very excited about opening his new fish and chip shop. 

“I hope they don’t mind waiting for the food,” said Mr Slowly does it.

“They won’t mind,” replied his friend, “ because they can wait and play on the beach.”

“ Wahoo, I hope you are right!” said Mr Slowly does it.


The next day Mr slowly does it got ready to open the fish and chip shop. He got the bags of chips out of the freezer for the orders.He had to fill up the fridge with coke and Fanta. He got nervous when it was nearly lunchtime, ðŸ˜¬ because he was worried that he might not be quick enough. 


Mr Dumpty was the first person to come to the fish and chip shop.

“Please can I have one portion of chips and one portion of fish.”Mr slowly does it took the order and Mr Dumpty went to the beach. When he came back his order was ready and he was very happy.


The next person to come to the cafe was Mrs Canner and her children. They ordered lots of fish and chips and went to play on the beach. When they came back their order was ready. 


Everyone was happy and people loved Mr Slowly Does it’s fish and chip shop.

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