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Year 4

Learning from home

If this is your first day at home and you are well enough to be learning, try the challenges your teacher has set you.

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 21st February 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 7th February 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 31st January 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 17th January 2022

Home learning: Week beginning Monday 10th January 2022

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 13th December 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 6th December 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 29th November 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 22nd November 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 15th November 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 8th November 2021

Learning at home: Week beginning Monday 1st November 2021

Year 4's Remote Learning Page!


Hello Year 4! Welcome to your home learning page. We are really sad that we cannot all be together having fun and learning at school, however, we are really excited to see all of the excellent work you are completing at home. smiley


As well as your amazing on-going learning at home, don't forget to get some fresh air, complete some physical activity and show the school values: Responsible, Respectful, Ready!


This term's topic question is... 'Is our body a machine?' We will be exploring this question by investigating our digestive system. We will also be learning about healthy diets and ways to keep active. We hope you enjoy the exciting learning this term and can't wait to see you back in school!


Stay safe and keep smiling!


Mr Woodsell and Mrs Patel smiley

Learning at home Autumn 2020

Term 2 - waiting for a test result

Hello Year 4.  Are you stuck at home waiting for a test or test results?  Feeling bored and missing school?  Do not worry!  We've got plenty of ideas to help you with your learning!  Once you're able to join us back at school, we'd love to see what you've been up to so keep a record.

Learning at home: week beginning Monday 14th December 2020
Learning at home: week beginning Monday 7th December 2020

Home learning while isolating: Week Beginning 23.11.20

If you're needing to isolate during the week beginning 23rd November, here is your learning.  We look forward to seeing you back at school as soon as your isolation period is up and seeing the learning you've been doing at home.

Home Learning: Summer 2020

Dear Year 4


Mr Woodsell, Mrs Lee and Miss Chapman are delighted to welcome you to the Remote Learning platform. Remember these values to help you in your learning:


Reflectiveness, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness and Resilience


Term 6



Welcome back Year 4!


We hope each of you enjoyed your half-term break - you all truly deserved it! Last term you all really impressed us with your commitment towards your learning. Not only were many of you following the online learning we provided but you were also making your own learning opportunities - fantastic! 


This term's topic is an exciting one... 

'What lurks below?'


We are going to be exploring the answer to this topic through our writing, art, geography, science and much much more! It is going to be a 'whale of a time!' 


What's new?

  • More information about our book can be found on the 'Year 4 Virtual Library Link' tab below in the bar.
  • Under 'Let's get physical' you will find daily PE challenges - which class will be the winners? 


Week 3


See next week for the Economic and Wellbeing week! 

Week 4

This week we are marking National Rainforest Day! It is celebrated on Monday 22nd June. 

Across Year 4, we have Eco-Warriors and many other children who show interest in caring for our environment!  If you have the time this week check out this website: It has lots of ideas of activities you may choose to do to.

In light of it being National Rainforest Day, we would like to encourage as many Year 4's to be as Eco friendly as possible this week! If you choose to do an activity which has been inspired by this, we would love to see it! 


Not only are we recognising National Rainforest Day but also:


Economic and Financial Well- Being Week

By the end of the week, the children across the school will have explored:

  1. What is money?
  2. What can we use money for?
  3. How does money make us feel?
  4. How can money help other people?
  5. How does money make us feel?
  6. How can we look after our money?

On Wednesday 24th we have dedicated the afternoon to PSHE where we will explore this further.  Below are some other activities which you may choose to do across the week (if you have the time!)


An enjoyable game which will help you experience the questions above is Monopoly

Keep up all of the hard work Year 4; we are all very proud of you :-)



Week 5

Week 6


Don't forget your class Zoom call this week! If you are unsure of the day/time email your class teacher to find out!

Week 7

Week 8

Term 5 - Is our body a machine?

Welcome back Year 4!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and made the most of the sunshine! 

Today marks the start of Term 5 with our new enquiry:


'Is our body a machine?' 


This question has created some pretty phenomenal discussions among us and our families. I wonder what you and your family think? Why not talk about the question over lunch or dinner? We would be interested to know your initial thoughts!  Alongside this enquiry, we will be reading Demon Dentist by David Walliams! There is a sub-page where videos will be uploaded of Chapters. There is no expectation or requirement for the book to be purchased. 


Just a reminder that we will be calling each of you every week - something which we are very much looking forward to! It has felt like an age since we spoke to most of you! 


You will see what we have already added to our Year 4 Gallery from last term. We are looking forward to sharing more of you exceptional work from this term. If you would like us to publish your work, email it across to the school office!


Mr Woodsell, Miss Chapman and Mrs Lee :-) 

Term 4