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Johann's Oral Hygiene leaflet

Eleanor's Demon Dentist work

Forest School Challenge - Making Mud Lollies

G reading in all sorts of places

Fiona's flavoursome salad

S's 'grate' snacks

F''s Fantastic Sssssnake Ssssnacks

Ethan's Delicious Fruit Salad

Ethan researched, designed and prepared a healthy and tasty lunch for the whole family: a fruit salad with cucumber and tomato crudites. Yum!

B's fruit surprise

Grace's Persuasive Letter

Finn's Persuasive Letter

Can you find imperative verbs, direct address and rhetorical questioning in these examples of persuasive writing? Are there any more features you can find?

Sophia's wonderful learning

Xander's homemade barometer

Should Dad ask for Winnie's help? Ben's thoughts

Should Dad ask for Winnie's help? Fiona's thoughts

Making the most of being able to go outdoors MORE than once a day

Demon Dentist - Balanced Argument

You should be very proud of this balanced argument Finn. Not just the end result but the process. I know you found this challenging at times this week, but look what you have achieved with perseverance and determination. You have included many of the features we would expect: a super introduction setting out the aims of your writing, arguments for and against, and a conclusion. I am very impressed. Well done!

Mr W.

Finn's stop motion of the digestive system

Still image for this video

G is modelling the digestive system

Elsie's modelling of the digestive system. Check out the intestines!

Passover (Pesach)


VE day

Thank you Mr Carradine. That was awesome!

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Now Hitler has gone it’s time to move on.....


Let’s have a ‘party’ hang out the bunting and let’s start munching!

Pies, cakes, sandwiches and scones.


Let’s have some fun with no guns happily eating buns, whilst dancing the lindy hop.


Listening to the wonderful speech, hearing laughter and drinking some saved-up beer.


Making new friends and remembering our old loved ones


Many lives were lost, but now we all can be together have fun and party


Written by Toby

Reading Bingo

Picturing a story setting

Newspaper Articles

If you can, then having your own learning space can help improve your learning outcomes.

Where are YOU reading?

Girls hard at work

William's Design and Technology project

'Hi Mr Woodsell,


I entered a competition to create your dream house and this is mine. It's made of cardboard and warbler and you could (if it was real) travel a very long distance in it, 

  • I used a lot of DT skills by learning how to connect the cardboard with a glue gun carefully and transform an idea in my head into a 3D model.

  • I used a lot of maths skills by measuring the exact length of each piece of cardboard.

  • I am also using IT skills by using email to send this to you.

I am proud of this because I reused cardboard.'


What an incredible outcome William. The form (the 3D modelling) and attention to detail are phenomenal, for example, the scales! I guess, being a form of dragon, that heating bills would be very low! Well done.

L's Teeth Experiment and Findings

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Book Reviews

How to Brush Your Teeth - by Xander

How to look after your teeth

How to brush your teeth

Still image for this video
E talks you through how to brush your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste

How to Brush Your Teeth Mindmap - by Fiona

Demon Dentist Home Challenges 

How well can you do in Ben's Brilliant Teeth Quiz?

L's Chapter 1 continued...

St. George's Day

Earth Day Celebrations 

Ben's Earth Day Quiz

Elsie's Earth craft

I's recycled materials Earth Day creation!

P's Earth Day 2020

L's Garden Wildlife Survey

Term 4's Success! 

Year 4's Twisted Tales! 

W's Anglo Saxon and Norman Learning

Kayla's Diary Entry

Kayla's The Ugly Duckling

M's twisted tale

F's Jack and the Beanstalk continued...

F's twisted tale

D's - The Gingerbread Man Sequel

Religious Education

B's Easter Story