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Term 1

Hello Year 5.  Are you getting bored isolating at home?  Fear not!  We have some learning challenges to consolidate and develop your skills.  We're looking forward to welcoming you back - once you're able to be in school - and seeing what you've been up to so don't forget to keep a record of your learning.

Year 5's Remote Learning Page! 


Hello Year 5, 


Welcome to your Remote Home Learning page! Every day we will upload new (and hopefully enjoyable!) learning tasks. Some will involve you referring to your Paper Pack that came home with you (or which has been delivered), whereas others may involve something different. 


Remember what we spoke about in our classes Year 5. Although we have provided a timetable which reflects that of our timetable in school to encourage familiarity, be sure to discuss with your families at home what routine is going to work best for you - everyone's is going to look different and work in different ways :-).  As well as this, if you want to 'bend' the suggested times we have given, please do! For example, if you want to read for half an hour, rather than just 15 minutes, then go right ahead! It's also really important to try and get yourselves outside, enjoying some fresh air and physical activity (when it is appropriate and safe to do so). Or, make sure you check out Joe Wick's daily workouts! This is SO key for your physical and mental wellbeing.  


Although these are unusual times, try to use it as an opportunity to try something new and be creative! Use your resilience to improve a new skill or develop what you already know; be resourceful when looking for objects or materials that may help in your learning; build on your reciprocity by sharing your understanding with someone else at home and lastly, be reflective on each day and how your learning went.


If you can Year 5, we'd love to see what you've been getting up to! Post to the school Twitter feed or maybe send a letter to school :-)

Most importantly, however, stay safe, be as kind and as helpful as you can be at home and keep smiling! 


Miss Martin and Mrs Hudson. :-) 

Term 6!

Key Enquiry Question:

What if you were pharaoh for the day? 

Term 5!

Key Enquiry Question:

What if trees disappeared?