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Term 5 - Year 5 Wilderness Watch

On walks out and around your homes, during Forest School activities or on the news, you may have noticed that as us humans are more confined to our houses, the local wildlife has started to make more of an appearance! During our phone calls to you, Year 5, lots of children have increasingly shared exciting news of creatures they've spotted out and about. As we're engaging in Forest School activities each week AND delving into a new Enquiry, which is all about the fauna and flora around us, we thought setting up this extra page (alongside the gallery with your school work) would be a great opportunity to specifically share the wildlife or areas of nature we have witnessed (or maybe have even interacted with)! laugh So, please email the office any photos or videos you may have - we'd love to have a collection! 

OH's awesome sunflowers!

A swarm of bees in Jessica's garden

The lifecycle of Jessica's baby spiders

Jessica R's mother goose and goslings seen on a bike ride.

Andrew spotted a vole!

Tadpoles spotted by OH (5AM)! A real life example of her science learning!

Fox cubs out in full force... 5 cubs counted now!

Bluebells spotted by SH (5AM)!

Pigeons, Squirrels AND a Heron!

Spotted! A Badger!

Still image for this video
Miss Martin here! So, in the garden, some holes underneath the fences (between our garden and our neighbour's) had been spotted and we were left wondering who the culprit was. Bou, our Black lab, isn't an avid digger, so we ruled her out! Our lovely neighbour, Martin Garwood, is a keen naturalist and decided to set up a motion-sensor camera to see if we could spot what was going on. Low and behold, this is what we found! A badger burying his way through the undergrowth!

Second video of Badger Spotting!

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This is the same badger, just another video to share with you! :-)

Spotted! Fox cubs!

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Two resident foxes had frequently been spotted down Hannah's (5AH) street. But then, her family spotted these three cubs playing in their garden one evening! Looks as though the fox family may have expanded...!