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Year 5's Gallery

A Place to Showcase Home Learning! :-)

This page is solely dedicated to showing and sharing what you have all been up to at home, Year 5! Usually, we would have the daily opportunity to showcase and discuss with one another, all that we have achieved in the classroom (and at home!) - this gives us the opportunity to keep doing just that! 

If you would like to share a piece of work that you're particularly proud of, shows your engagement with one of the weekly tasks you've been set (like a creative piece of writing or some fabulous artwork!) or demonstrates you clearly showing one of our key learning behaviours (remember those 4R's!), then please send a photograph or scan of your work to the school office.

In the meantime, please do admire the gallery and see what your peers have been getting up to!  laughyes

We can beat this year 5! You are all amazing

'Walk like an Egyptian' Dance!

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Awesome dancing from members of 5AH and a member of 5AM! :-)

WV's brilliantly engineered pyramid

Rhyne's Cartoon of the End of the Egyptians

Erin R's Stunning Eye

Jessica's super scarab beetle

Tilly's Allan Ahlberg inspired poem!

H's lovely descriptive writing!

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Frida's Fantastic Diary Entry

H's fabulous death mask!

Eve's awesome constructed 3D Shape nets!

Rhyne's Monet Inspired French Beach Scene on canvas

Sebastian's Super Death Mask

Jessica's Fascinating Tour of the Valley of the Kings

Ayla's Death Mask. Can you spot the flute and piano?

Sophie C's Awesome Homemade Eco-Game!

Ava's Terrific Tutankhamun Information Page

Maria's Rabbit Pyramid Poem

S's Book of the Dead!

Georgia's vibrant drawing of the Goddess Isis as a kite!

Orla's super colourful information pyramid!

Neo's variety of pyramids, information page & sarcophagus!

Eve's awesome hieroglyphs and statue!

William's information page on Ramesses II

Ayla's Pyramid Poem

Ben's Pyramid facing exactly North

Sophie T's Book of the Dead & sarcophagus!

Liam's Book of the Dead cartoon, wall painting & pyramid of facts!

Rhyne's God of War and Destruction

Ayla's Neshnesh Kesu- Spewer of Bones

Ryan's God of Eagles

Ayla's Beautiful Painting Of Tutankhamun

Maria's Marvellous Egyptian Gods Fact File

Sophie H's inspired Eco work!

Tilly B's Poem inspired by 'If'!

Robin's Hierogylphics fact sheet

Frida's Wonderful Egyptian Information Book

HM's Football Poem inspired by 'If'.

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Liam's awesome Wall Painting Plan!

Leo's awesome letter and diary entries!

Tilly B's grand Egyptian Pyramid!

Henry M's awesome Wall Painting!

JR's Excellent Ancient Egyptian work.

Sophie T's Colourful Head-dresses!

Do you recognise this mummy- a clue RP?

Charlote's model of a sphinx and pyramid

ET's Egyptian Outfit!

Maria's Video on how to mummify a tomato

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Egyptian Hannah and her Shaduf

D's Lego Pyramid!

Sophie T's Letter as Rhodopis!

Henry's Performance of 'Mummy!'

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Frida's Brilliant Wilderness War Article

Maria's Wonderful Wilderness Report.

Ryan's Wildlife Watch

Eve's writing on the Wilderness!

Maria's Benjamin Zephaniah inspired Be Kind To Your Neighbours poem

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Frida's Benjamin Zephaniah's Be Kind to Dog Groomers

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Ayla's Benjamin Zephaniah inspired Brussel Sprout poem

Find out more about the Rainforest with Ryan's brilliant poster.

Leo's Native Wildlife Booklet

Leo's VE Day Diary Entry

William's pressed leaf picture

NS Amazing Forest School Learning

William's Wonderful Wildlife Book

ES VE Day Celebrations

Leo's homemade VE Day bunting!

Ryan's VE Day diary

Henry's (5AM) Freida Kahlo inspired portrait!

Watch CR's amazing skipping skills. Can you copy her?

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RP Fantastic Forest School Learning

Tilly's (5AM) Life Cycles!

SW brilliant lifecycle of a plant.

Ryan's lifecycle of a dandelion

JR releasing some beautiful butterflies she hatched from caterpillars.

Ryan's lifecycle of a Praying Mantis

Maria's Fantastic Fact File of characters for The Wilderness War

ES cooking a delicious dinner with her sister and dad.

Neo's Earth Inspired Work!

Ayla and Ryan's Wilderness Maps

MB's Lego Village!

MB's St George's Day Creation

GG's book about Native Wildlife

J's St. George and the Dragon, life-cycle and Wildlife Book

ES cooking a stunning chocolate cake with her sister

Leaf pictures!

HM's Tribute

OH-M's Laminated Leaf Creation!

LS's Solar System Rap!

RP receiving a letter from his Grandad

Rhyne has been improving his drawing skills

B's Mini Carrot

J's colourful tulips.

GG getting 'Arty'!

Jessica's Animal Groups poster

World Earth Day

ES growing seeds and watering the plants

SC's World Earth Day creation!

HM's World Earth Day Poem!

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Happy St. George's Day

Ayla's Andy Warhol inspired St. George and the Dragon