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Year 6

Hello Year 6


Welcome to Remote Learning.  Nothing replaces seeing you all face-to-face every day but we're looking forward to continuing learning with you - even if it isn't quite in the way we might have wanted.  Your starter packs are coming home with you today (Friday 20th March) or will be in the post if you can't be with us.  Each day we'll direct you to the bit of the pack we would like to complete as well as setting other challenges.  Some things will be very directed and straightforward.  Others will give you the freedom to make choices depending on your own particular interests and circumstances.


Remember how important it is to repeatedly recall facts and skills in order for them to be secure in the long term memory?  Don't be afraid to repeat certain challenges, particularly if you found something tricky the first time.  Keep our four learning behaviours in mind - reflectiveness, resourcefulness, reciprocity and resilience - and try to apply them to all that you do. 


If you can, upload photos of your learning to Twitter so we can see what you've been up to (much as we'd love to see your smiling faces, please think carefully about how to keep safe online and what you are posting).


Make sure you spend time outside - when and where it's sensible to do so - and keep moving as it' so important for both your physical and mental well-being.  We can't wait to try Joe Wick's daily workouts and hopefully the thought of us adults bouncing around will put a smile on your faces!


A bientôt (look it up!)


Your Year 6 Team