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Year 6's Gallery

Marla's depiction of Camp Green Lake

A Mexican feast


Camp Green Lake

Maya rock art! India shows her creative side...

Lizzy's graphic score - can you match the score to the audio?

EW's flower crown!

Arriba arriba! EC cooks up a Mexican feast!

Maya Kings and Queens rule in Bubble 11!

Bubble 11 - our graphic scores!

ES composition.MOV

Still image for this video
These are the recordings to go with the graphic scores - JP, MR and ES - very proud composers!

Thank you!

Alfie has written a beautiful poem about peace, inspired by the United Nations learning in RE.

Danny and Jojo have made a powerpoint about their experience of Ramadan. What an achievement, well done!

Lucy's final art challenge on the theme of Wildlife.

Julia and Adventure Dog have been out and about.

Would you enjoy a visit to Utopia? Read John's tourist guide to find out.

Stunning art work from Marijke

Clara's edited photographs - great skills developing.

There are some amazing cities being built.

India's tadpole update

Still image for this video

Thomas's photographs - the first one represents Corona lockdown!

Marijke's fantasy city - Utopia - a brilliant model!

Erin's comic strip - excellent presentation! (And entertaining to read!)

Zina has edited this photograph, the effect is beautiful!

Lizzy has edited her photographs - the red leaves are stunning!

Marijke has used effects on the same photograph of the lemon squeezer (not an alien!) can you see the differences?

Danny has gathered items together which reflect his observance of Ramadan - can you see why he has chosen each thing?

Images from photography lesson - great example of light and shade and also fine detail (and a cute pet). By MH

Wax crayon art - this must have been fun! By BH

Photographic studies - India has taken some detailed pictures of tadpoles and ducks!

ZM celebrates Ramadan!

This week's photograph challenge:

Danny's creatures - the Mealions - they look fantastic - and an expert care guide too!

Lizzy - an amazing sketch of an owl, and a cute creature - a koalablob called Barbara!

Anyone recently acquired a Spleifeldorg and need some care advice? Deeraj can help!

Great work from Evie - what an amazingly cute creature!

Rio has sent in some inspirational images - and shown some excellent pictures that he has taken!

Some of Year 6's blood samples

Alfie's creature - Xanthe!

Louis - photographic skills!

'Animal creations' - can you guess who they belong to?

Juno entered a competition to design her dream home.

Orla's contribution to the photography unit. Beautiful pictures Orla.

Erin's fantastic letter - well done!

Clara's Secret Garden!

Heart beat!

Still image for this video
Clara has made a model of a beating heart - and had lots of fun too, by the look of it!

Thomas has created a powerpoint to celebrate the Queen's birthday!

Mrs Kempe photographing what interests her, just like Tom said!


Learning across the curriculum

Haiku Happiness!

Two Haiku poems, one from Clara and one from Gracie. They both fit the style in every way - well done both of you!


Spring, by Clara and The Apple Tree, by Gracie

Haiku for the Helpers!

Thomas has reflected the issues of our time with his Haiku about the NHS. This shows perfectly the beauty of the Haiku as a means of putting a message across with simplicity yet with impact. Well done Thomas!


The Snail and the Whale!

Alfie has given his own brilliant slant to this much-loved tale. The presentation and illustrations are fantastic and the story is a perfect bedtime read - have a look!